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Chicagoland Gypsy Goats is a collaborative partnership headed up by Cliff McConville and Tasha Carlsen.  Cliff owns and operates Barrington Natural Farms, a pasture-based, organically-operated livestock farm located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.


His number one farm intern is Tasha Carlsen, an aspiring young farmer who learned to work with animals in her native Zimbabwe.  Tasha has a natural gift with goats, and she can often be seen strolling the pastures of Barrington Natural Farms barefoot, with a herd of goats following closely behind.


Tasha contributed some of her goats and goat wrangling expertise to the well publicized effort to clear land at O'Hare International Airport, and soon was fielding requests from all over Chicago to clear land with her goat herd.  Chicagoland Gypsy Goats was born.


Do you want an individual land clearing consultation?

Make an appointment for a free on-site consultation without any obligation by phone at (847) 877-7580, or use our contact form.

Interested in a land clearing consultation?

We're happy to come view your property for a free on-site consultation. Call us at: (847) 877-7580


Or use our contact form.

Who Hires Goats?

Organizations that hire goats to clear land include airports, counties, park districts,  municipalities, construction companies, utilities, developers, farms, ranches, and private landowners.

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